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    How to Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone in 4 Steps

    How to do a little makeover of your iPhone, whether it`s new or getting older? A trendy ringtone that reminds you of some pleasant memories, festivals, or parties, and makes you want to dance in the middle of the street. How to do convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone? Let`s dig right into it!

    1. Open iTunes

    Launch the app on your computer and go to Songs. Right-click on the desired track and select “Get Info”.

    2. Select an excerpt from a song

    A new window appears. Choose the “Options” tab. Check the “Start” and “End” boxes and select a part of your song, up to 30 seconds. Rename your file (by adding “Ringtone” for example) so as not to confuse it with the original song.

    Once done, right-click again on the chosen song. Select “Convert to AAC”, then “OK”.

    3. Rename your file

    You will have to identify where this music sample is stored on your computer. You can find its location in the “Summary” tab in the “Get Info” menu. Easier, in Windows, you just need to search your computer.

    You will find that your file is in .m4a format. Change the extension to .m4ar If you are using Windows, make sure the “Show extensions” option is enabled.

    Delete your old .m4a song from your iTunes library.

    4. Sync with your iPhone

    Open your new .m4r file in iTunes by double-clicking on it. It appears directly in the Sounds section.

    Sync your iPhone with your iTunes account.

    Finally, launch Settings on your iPhone, go to Sounds, and then Ringtones. Your new ringtone appears automatically, you can select it now and enjoy the way your iPhone sounds now!

    Nothing complicated, just a few steps, and you`re done!